I'm really low because

1 thing I can’t say.

2nd thing, I fell in love with some1 they had to go and kiss me so nice that I even questioned if they were thinking of me :thinking::unamused:

Anyway me and him would never work.

I’m really low.

I really miss him.

There’s no one on the dating sites that seems to trump my feelings for him. :pensive:

So far anyway.

I haven’t done a love thread in a long time.

Hope it’s okay with you lovely peeps.


I totally understand. Having a good lover is very important in a relationship. there will be other fantastic kisses…you just have to believe it will happen…if you haven’t found your special someone yet…it hasn’t happened yet is all…there is a lid for every kettle. my grandma used to say.


Thankyou @jukebox :innocent::bouquet: that means a lot.

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Yeah it sucks being lonely, i hung out with an sort of ex this weekend, but it feels really weird. Had multiple girlfriends over te last few years but nothing worked out


Love feels so good when you are falling into it, not so much when you are falling out of it.


@jukebox that is adorable


Oh dear I don’t want to sound mean. He’s probably just a really good kisser.:cry:

Hey at least you gave it a try socialising with your sort of ex. Sorry to hear it felt a bit weird…

Yea it feels lonely without a partner especially during these unpredictable times of the world.

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Yea too right you are. It’s just depressing knowing he’s gone ‘for good’

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Yeah but deep down i just want someone to just chill with u know


Yeah, lack of love is tough. At least you are out there trying to find it. Hope you succeed.

I haven’t been with a woman for six years, but i don’t give up. Suddenly she is there


Yea I understand. Try meetup. Com groups aswell maybe. They can be fun and u never know who you might meet as a friend or more

Cool. I’m happy for you. I didn’t know this happened to ya.

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Well the main reason I’m low is actually point number one. But I don’t like talking about that one. :pensive:

Anyway I try my best to be okay. Okay…

Do what makes you happy, but check a guy out before you get too close. He might not be the person you think he is.


Hey thanks for the advice!


Give yourself a pat on the back, you’re the only one on this site who’s gettin’ any, lol.

I mean this as a friend, and I’m not against you. But I think you have a tendency to fixate on people and become a little obsessive about them. Try really hard to let him go, and find as many other things to occupy your mind as possible until the obsession fades away. Please know I care. I’m not trying to be mean.

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Nah I doubt it. Lol

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