I'm really happy

Everything is stable in my life at the moment. I almost have forgotten I have SZ the only reminder is this site which I hopefully cut down on. Other than being a little depressed in the morning things are looking up for me.

I hope they do with you also


U are high functional walla…!!! Keep it going bro…!!!


Thanks brother bear


Glad to hear you are finding some happiness

Yay! I’m glad you are happy!

Important to appreciate those good times! Glad your feeling good! It’s a journey for sure and it’s always good to see people doing well!

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Things going well for me too at the moment. Just had lunch with my brother, my hero from of old. Was able to talk intelligently with him. His is a math brain, but he finally listens to my different take… Awesome that you’re feeling well. Things do work out if you stick it out.

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