Just want to be left alone

I have to call the police soon, someone is verbally harassing me, saying they are going to kill me. I hope nothing will happen. They are in my mind, want them out. Someone please help.

Did you speak to your new psychiatrist yet ?

You tricked yourself into a loop

Your imagination is forcing the unsolicited message to relieve stress you are putting on your brain.

Try practicing not taking the message seriously and I bet it will slow down and fade.

Genuine telepathic interactions are not nearly as aggressive

Yes but not too completely. I know this is hard to believe but it is really going on. I miss my old doctor my fear is having a panic and anxiety attack because my inner thoughts become worse. I am afraid to go to a group because of an experience I had in one. I had a therapist started yelling at me in another room saying he wanted to kill me. Recently I had people who are after me thinking I said said something racist and saying they wanted to torture/kill me. I get this a lot these days. I am afraid that someday I will be stalked. How can have normal thoughts these days when I feel these people watching and listening to me.

Nobody but your psychiatrist can help you. I suggest being 100% honest with them.

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Yes I can’t write on here they are always watching and listening to me how do I still retain my privacy?

More so than the metaphysical concern
The tangible wireless communications networks we have to deal with day to day for commerce
and hobby are ALWAYS phishing information from our drives whether or not they proclaim to need your permission to do so.

Someone asked me a long time ago when I presented similar worries: “Ok, so lets say many people have access to as much data about you as they want - how, in the long run, is that going to affect you?”

When I stopped to think about it I haven’t been riding dirty to any degree where ‘Spying’ would not be a bigger crime and even if some authority found means to disenfranchise me I don’t have anything to lose - I lost it all many years ago and learned how to live contently without.

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Lol, your ‘like’ was there when my post went live - were you watching as I typed for the sake of comical irony?

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