I'm not manly enough... 😟

I’m too feminine! This is something i learned not to hate about myself. There are moments i even like it.
I love women in me. Respect her. I don’t want to loose “her”, just want to be more “he”.
Don’t think it’s unnatural or something, of course. Yes I’m a believer, just not strictly religious.
Other gay man doesn’t like feminine guys. I can speak empowering speeches to myself all day long, but at night i’m alone because I’m just too damn fem!
Feminine voice (you would say gay voice but it’s not gay it’s fem), feminine postures, feminine gestures, everything about me is feminine.
If i could be more like other (gay) man, i would be happier. I would have better love and sex life. Greater job opportunities.

I need to ask you if you know some ways i coud be more manly.
Let’s say i need gym to muscle up, maybe hormonal replacement, what else?
I don’t have any male friend. What should i do.

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Many learn to accept yourself the way you are lots of other feminine gays out there not that bad and many gays find feminine men attractive think you should learn to accept rather than be something your not.

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is there many gays who find feminine men attractive? I can’t find anyone…

I’m 69 years old, and not gay. But one unusual thing about me is I have all my hair. Therefore, my hairdresser always messes up a little with my cut so that everyone may know it’s my own hair and I’m not wearing a toupee.

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Translate, please.

Accentuate the positive; eliminate the negative.

Hey there.

Be yourself, you don’t need to adhere to anyone’s standards. See if you can built something good on a person you already are.


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