I'm not helping myself and I know it

When I get weird,

There are very specific things do.

Its happening and I know what I’m doing,

But I just can’t stop the crazy train.

Does this happen to everyone else,

When you’re about to lose it,

You know the signs but you just can’t help it?

Crap, its gonna be a strange night.

Yes if I stop my meds I see it coming start my meds up and continue to go down hill . Eventually everyone is involved in my delusions my paranoia is out of control and then I decide I never have been ill All this chaos is really happening.

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You know how you’ve been saying you should probably be on meds?

This is a big part of why you should be on meds.

Just sayin’.



Super fair @velociraptor


Are the meds worth my sentience?

I don’t like the lifeless zombie I am on medication,

I also don’t like being a train wreak,

It seems like we have to choose.

I’m med-compliant. Do I seem like I’m in a vegetative state to you?


You got me.

No, you seem like a normal, non-zombie human.

I haven’t been on medication in years, if I go to the doctor its gonna be a full year of trying new stuff, feeling like death, adjusting, blah blah, you know the routine.

All that to maybe feel better…


Do the meds make me tired? Yes.

Can you push past it? Yes.

Can you function at a high level cognitively? Yes, with practice and effort.

I’m nothing special – If I can do it, so can a lot of others.

Come on, man.

You were supposed to feel sorry for me,

Not give me solid advice and attainable goals.


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Sorry, I’m kind of a dick. I used to have a warning label, but it fell off.


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i am in the same phase feel like mind shrunk into a black hole… where little bit of me say i am better off without meds… other bit says meds does not make any difference as i lost what i wish i had gained and its tough to gain it back even on meds.