I'm not happy about work

I’ll be sending a email to occupational health to explain im feeling vulnerable to the point im angry and as a result I’m might be misreading people … i don’t want to end up saying anything to put anyone job at risk and therefore have decided to take a break

Hey @anon80629714 we have spoken about this situation in previous threads a bit about employment issues.

I say do the occupational health as it won’t hurt, and everything can be kept private, and you don’t have to disclose dx to employer.

My occy health report never got acted on, as the HR department where I worked was not that great.

I quit my job for the reasons you describe on 9th March, and fell through the cracks for government support.

Luckily I had a trade behind me and could do landscaping.

I am now close to the deadline of running out of work, and it scares me how I am going to pay my bills and keep my flat.

The job market is going to be very crowded post-first wave Covid

I know I did the opposite, but I hope from me telling you this that it may well be better to try and get adjustments rather than quitting outright, as this is not a good time to be unemployed at all

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My employer my manager knows…im feeling incredibly unsafe and worst of all I am feeling scared to say something that might put others in a stressful position i am going to speak to occi healrh but ultimately I can only see myself leaving

What’s occupational health? What do they do?

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It’s a way to get employers to be able to make reasonable adjustments for a physical or mental disability in the work place so those disadvantaged have a fighting chance to work comfortably and reduce distress

That’s the idea, but from my experience it doesn’t work at all


Ok. Got it. Thanks!

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