My work situation

So I haven’t quit just yet. Ive asked for occupational health to get involved. We will see what happens. I don’t want anything customer facing.


How is your stress level right now? Are you experiencing symptoms?

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I still get the anxiety but much less … I think work makes what’s already there worse.

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Whatever you decide to do ‘it’s all good’!

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It’s good you have gone to occy health

There might be a bit of a wait as they’re quite busy from what I have experienced

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I haven’t got an appointment but have suggested it to my manager to book me an app. If they can’t do anything I will quit.

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Working is not easy with schizophrenia. Its amazing that you try.


They will be breaking the law if they don’t provide you with equality of opportunity

Don’t know the actual wording, but we have protections that mean the law will kick their asses in a tribunal if it ever came to that

I could do that with my potential employer, but at this stage I just want to see if I can do the job or not - not wanting a settlement


The problem is I accepted a customer facing job , it was on the job description. I thought I’d be able to cope as I have done before. Since my last episode though , my anxiety is not on my side.

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