The dreaded colonoscopy

I made an appointment for the fourth of March. The intern called me and she went down a long list of afflictions to see what kind of health I was in.
Any shortness of breath?
Are you on blood thinners?
Any history of cancer?

At one point she asked if I was on any psychiatric medications. I hesitated and told her I take Seroquel (had to spell it for her) I told her I get a monthly shot of resperidone (I had to spell that too), and I take cogentin and Welbutrin.

She seemed a little cool about it and she asked, “Is that all?”

I answered, “Ain’t that enough?” And we both laughed.


I’ve got to do a test now I’m 50 so need to do it. Dread the old procedure but hey. You only live once.

I’m not shy about psych meds these days. Most people in the medical field know most drugs…It’s not surprising to them. Gawd. Could never be a nurse or doctor. That is total whack.


Good luck. If you haven’t had a colonoscopy then don’t worry. It’s not that bad. I could follow the examination on a screen, and saw my own guts. Kind of interesting.


lol “aint that enough”, that’s funny =D

Good luck with the colonoscopy!


I hate being asked about my prescriptions. Hopefully the doctor won’t look at your file and then talk slowly like you’re hard of hearing.

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Have you had one before?

I’m young to have had one…

The procedure is easy. For me I was put under…

The worst part of it all, is being ‘headachie’ from mirolax or is it dulcolax; by the time you have it done.

I fear death a little less now too, now that I’ve had the experience of dreamless sleep, so I have that going for me.

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I had one in 2018.

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If you had it done in 2018 why are you getting another one so soon?

Isn’t it every 5 years or more?



Uh, I didn’t follow the cleansing of the colon directions as I should have on the first one. So the doctor did the best he could with the procedure but told me to come back in a year and follow the prep instructions exactly.


Last time I was suppose to have one I drank that stuff the night before, threw it up and sadly fell asleep and woke up to quite the mess, I never showed up and doubt I will try again after that night of horror

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Yeah, the cleansing liquid can be hard to take. I followed the suggestion by the doctors and used ice and a straw and a little lemon and sugar… I believe that made the difference.

Uh you might want to get another appointment. Colon cancer is a huge killer. Catching it in time before it progresses can literally save your life.

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Good luck I hope everything goes well


It’s okay.

These colonoscopy technicians are used to dealing with ass-holes.

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I’ve had four of those things before and I am 37 now.

That stuff you drink isn’t that crazy salty icky tasting stuff they used to give you. My last one three years ago went much better. That liquid stuff was tolerable.

Oh and I had to tell them to dope me up more mid procedure bc I felt too much.

Best wishes Nick.



Don’t you think before you write?

I had one. It wasn’t bad because they knocked me out for it. The prep really wasn’t that bad. I drank a lot of water and Gatorade and I was fine. Good luck!


Just an old colonoscopy joke…

There were so many men ahead of me for my vasectomy, I told my wife ‘it was like a sausage factory’ at the clinic. :wink:

I was allowed to mix that orange flavored water bottle powder with mine. It really does help.

The procedure goes well but gosh that whole prep business is horrible. Imho.

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Yeea I don’t think I’m gonna get one I’m not worried about the cancer

Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers there is, I think only lung cancer has more frequency, although I’m not sure.

She probably asked you because some meds cause constipation, that’s why.