I’ve finally gone vegan

I decided I finally want to be vegan, so I went shopping and spent about $38 US dollars :smiley:

I bought vanilla and chocolate plant milk, bread, dried figs, some veggie slices, vegan mayo, Earthbalance, and vegan key lime yogurt.
I forgot to buy sweet potatoes, though :frowning:


I’m a guilty meat eater. I wish I didn’t eat it but I tried becoming a vegetarian and couldn’t do it. Best of luck with the whole vegan thing.


Good luck! Take an iron supplement and a b12 supplement.

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Don’t forget to experiment with recipes and creative cooking. That’s good wholesome fun.

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That’s my favorite bread!!!

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Good luck on becoming Vegan @wayward!

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You should theoretically get all the iron you need if you eat the right stuff, such as spinach and black beans. Be careful with iron supplements, because too much iron is actually toxic to your body. If you think you might be anemic, do a blood test. B12 supplements are definitely a good idea, though.

Morningstar veggie patties are delicious, fairly cheap, and quite filling. Tofurkey beer brats are my favorite vegan hot dog, but they’re more expensive. Black beans are a staple for anyone on a vegetarian/vegan diet on a budget.

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That’s great news Schizomaticly! Good luck!

I tried vegan two years ago but only managed to keep it up for a few months. I am a committed vegetarian though. I always love hearing vegetarian and vegan stories, its very uplifting. I consider myself semi-vegan because I drink soya milk, but I eat yoghurt, eggs and cheese. I love pasta, oats and lentils, and kale, broccoli and spinach. I practically live on these foods! :slight_smile:

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