I'm not a big fan of moving and change

I got a lot on my mind. My board & care is transitioning from an independent facility into a semi-independent facility. This means that they will kick all us independent folk out and raise the rent by $300.

I looked at an apartment today that looks promising. It’s part of my Mental health agency but it is still virtually independent living with some other man who also has mental illness. it’s small but fairly clean, the neighborhood seems OK. In the interview with the roommate he says he is not interested in socializing. I will have to deal with that.

I still feel semi-positive about this living situation as a whole. The potential roommate is still friendly, doesn’t drink or do drugs he is 57 which is one year older that me, so I assume he is a responsible person. We seem to like each other. At the interview the case worker was there, we al three talked for an hour. The rent is $300 cheaper than I’m paying now!! And the neighborhood is ten times nicer.

I have two weeks to make a decision. After the interview was over the worker was getting ready to leave and the other guy said that I seem to be a decent fellow which is 90% accurate. I have a lot to think about lately, with juggling the job, staying independent, juggling school, taking care of car matters etc. Oh well, if I want freedom I have to deal with responsibility. No one is giving away any power, control or space for free.


Well I wish you the best of luck @77nick77

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Sounds promising! I live with ageing parents. One of these days I’ll have to go through the independant thing all over again…never an easy thing! $300 less rent is defiantately a bonus. You can get up to some trouble with that!

I won’t get in trouble. Those days are over (for the most part,) But if I move in, than I will have $300 more per month to buy Geritol, the early bird dinner special at Denny’s and invest in a walker.


@77nick77. Didn’t you recently post that you were concerned about your current board and care living situation (even before this latest news)? This apartment could be a good living situation for you. Definitely worth considering! Good luck with your decision.

Yeah, I will have to admit defeat. I put up a good fight here but I can’t fight a crowd every single day. Enough said. If the apartment doesn’t work out I may be here another month. Oh well, some people liked me here and one or two of the partuicuarly bad ones got a little comeuppance from me.

Its not my fault that I wasn’t born a backstabbing, rotten, predator like my distinguished and honorable fellow tenants But I’m happy being me.

And thanks, I am definitely considering it

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