I'm never going to be as intelligent here vocabulary and not respond inappropriately?

I have an intellectual disability and I wish I could respond properly. I can see other peoples replies and wish I could reply similar!


I’m not good with vocabulary either and I feel like an idiot most of the time which is why I usually don’t post much.


@Lostboy keep posting.


I think you do fine…when you’re not saying outrageous things that piss people off. Aside from that, you’re doing fine.

I feel that way all the time that people are smarter than me sometimes as people we look at others and only look at the positive sides yet ignore the negative sides I’m :100: guilty as charged for this I look at people too many people to name and consider them superior but who knows they could have a lot of skeletons in their closet type thing you don’t know what others go through it is what it is and I’m guilty of it

I think having a good heart is better than being a clever devil out in society, just doing bad crap all day long trying to exploit everyone. Everyone is just trying to exploit everyone for personal gain I’d rather binge watch a show I like in my pajamas and let the ambitious people ruin the world


I think you reply fine. Like Nick says, where you sometimes come into conflict with others, IMO, is when you appear to be exploitive or abusive to your staff or others or claim a “right” to vacations when many people dont get your level of benefits and have to scrimp and save for rent or groceries. No shame in using what you have available, but it can be a bit offensive to those that dont have these excess resources to claim it’s a “right”.


Who cares, I say. You got more money than most of us and can independently travel abroad. That’s more than most of us do.

LockIng thread since it.veered off topic.