I'm nervous

i’m nervous about meeting my new pdoc, I keep getting told she is nice. i’m also nervous because I haven’t quite master getting down the stairs with my brace on my ankle and crutches. I also want my partner to go with me so I can call the van company or her mom who ever takes us. I just have to be not alone right now.


quite normal to be nervous, it can happen to all of us in new situations. you’ll find when the time comes, there is nothing to worry about, whatever happens happens, its not like whatever happens is not going to happen lol but a lot of the time talking with people helps i find, theres often a relief of tension in the presence of others. but also you can look at nervousness as excitement, turn it into curiosity and ask people about themselves :slight_smile: ppl would love to have the opportunity to talk about their own situation because that is the way they can relate themselves to you. hence connection is formed. so yes ask your pdoc about how they are. Wow have i gone on a tangent hahaha