I'm nervous about buying a car

If I buy a car then I’m committing myself to working. What if when I start working and I don’t like it or it’s too hard. But I need a car to go to work. So it’s sort of like a catch 22. I could always take a taxi to work when the buses aren’t running and I can’t use my sisters car but that would be expensive, but I could afford it. On the other hand I can afford a car either way, but just don’t need one and would rather put the money toward my other debt. So I don’t know. I sort of want to buy the car to force myself into the position to have to go back to work because I need the push to motivate me to get off my butt. But I don’t know because what if I really can’t do it. Ahhhhhh, I just don’t know, what if I get symptoms. This is so hard. I need a crystal ball. I wish my mom was alive, she would know what to do.

Cars cost a lot, especially when they break down,

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