I'm just recover from relapse, a lot of things to deal after gone psychotic again

I’m relaspe, lost in touch with reality whole last month, done a lot of crazy things again. I’m kind of headache now when about to deal with aftermath…

How do you guys feel when you recover, in touch with reality again after psychotic episode?

Sorry for bad english.

My son had a relapse, due to stopped taking risperidone back in October. Happens very time. Is now in psych hospital back on his meds. Sad, for him and his family to watch. He becomes another person and dies very bizzare things. The hospital is trying to get an ACT everyteam to work with him once he is discharged. This wey can visit him and give him his meds. Praying that happens. Bottom line stay on your meds and continue he with this site which seems so helpful.

I would always feel really disconnected from everything after a break… I had a hard time figuring out which side of the coin was real.

It was harder to fight off the sneaky brained thinking after a break as well… the anxiety after a break felt like I could knock me down so easily. Sometimes I even felt physically weak when I was starting to regain myself.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. Be patient with yourself.