I'm just not that interested in forming relationships

I have a date next thursday and for some reason my heart just not into going… I have not seen a photo of him and we have barely talked apart from how are you? I’m meeting him near where he works…

I was just thinking something similar, that I am warmer toward animals than I am toward people. I think animals are more honest. I am soooo suspicious of people lying to me and using me that I also lack interest in relationships.

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My drama filled marriage was the straw that finally broke the Camel’s back -
7 plus years of being lied to, abused, cheated on, robbed etc… did me in - I am really through with any kind of relationship, especially romantic ones.

I don’t need the added drama and stress that comes with a serious romantic relationship/marriage.
I gave 100 percent, she gave me 5 percent if that.
I am not discouraging others not to form romantic relationships/marriage - but for me personally, I am done, ain’t happening.
I tend to attract sociopaths for some reason


I wouldn’t say that I’m totally uninterested it’s just navigating the rules of social engagement is too anxiety/stress provoking.

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When i told my pdoc I didn’t have a relationship she was like that’s schiz. Is it true for most?

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Its funny you mentioned this.
My current psychiatrist was asking me if I had a girlfriend, if I liked to socialize etc…

I think she was testing the waters a bit to see if I have some SZ traits I guess.
But not wanting to be in a relationship does not automatically mean that your diagnosis is SZ.

But I do think socially, I possess a lot of SZ traits. The schizoaffective diagnosis has not been completely eliminated for me

I would say this is true for me. It’s difficulty with social interaction/social withdrawal that places me most in the “schizophrenia” area . However aspergic tendencies/severe social anxiety could be alternative explanations for that.
It’s interesting that avoidant personality disorder which is seen by many as a more severe form of social anxiety is increasingly seen by some researchers as part of the “schizophrenia spectrum”.


Sorry that your feeling this way,I hope the decision you made on this matter will be the right ones in the end.

Personally I don’t have lots of experience on date too,just a few,I enjoyed once in a date when I first held her hand.On social aspect,if you invited me to play soccer,I would go for sure…this shows that I am not exactly too asocial

You’re taking quite a risk. You could be badly disappointed, but on the other hand, sometimes big risks have big rewards.

sometimes i wanna relationship, sometimes i just wanna be alone

I was in a relationship, I didn’t see what others saw. I ended up battered, bruised and broken. As far as I am concerned, the only relationships I am interested in maintaining are those with my family, and a few of them are highly questionable.

He’s my mothers friend friends son so it’s quite safe

I am the same way. I think it’s cuz the symptoms drain our energy

I think is prolly the sz blocking another life for me.

Is it ok to ask for a pic?

just see at as going to meet a friend you might like himmight not nothing to loose.

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