Sorry peeps, I had to return I'm so bored atm. Thread about mums

I’ve said some negative things about my mum in the past. On this forum.

I feel really bad about that for some reason.

So I just want to say to compensate,

She is okay.

She doesn’t understand me fully but that is okay.

I maybe don’t understand her fully either.

How are your relationships with your mums.


My mum passed away years ago, but I have good relationship with my father since we do not live in the same house.

I think it can take years before parents and children learn to live with disease consequences.
(as parents and as a sick person.)
I don’t know if I am very clear, I try to express what I think maybe awkwardly.

My parents didn’t understand the disease at all at first. And neither do I.
I think that parents’ anxiety has an impact on a sick child. Anyway my parents were anxious about me, and it was even worse for me.

When I left my parents’ house, it was better because I could go back there when I wanted to, but not every day.


Awesome. Glad you are back. Welcome. :monkey::monkey::monkey:


Thankyou so much!!

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My Mom passed away in 2019.
I will always love her.


I have a good relationship with my mom. She raised me as a single mother and I will always respect her for that.


How old were you when you left your parent’s house?

No worries I understand you well.

I was 32 or 33…

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Welcome back.

My mom is like my best friend pretty much. We talk every day even if we don’t see each other. Love my Mama!!! :heart:


When I was only 17, my Mom ran down the fairway of a golf course during a thunderstorm in her housecoat and slippers…with a large purple umbrella…screaming at the top of her lungs…

“Patrick! Get into the car right now! You’re going to get struck by lightning!!”

The older guy in my foursome was teeing off…saw her coming and said…“Who the f%ck is that?!”

To which I sheepishly replied…

“That’s my Mom”

Mom had 5 kids and loved all of us equally. She is my Sun and my Dad is my Moon.


I never talked to my parents after I turned 18, they have passed away now

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Can I ask why?


Never got along with them, they punished harshly over the years for things I had no control over. Only thing they really taught me was how to hate them

My mum does not know how to talk with me. Regularly this has been the case.

I don’t know what I’m going to do.

It upsets me that it may take my full recovery before she can talk more positively to me.

I don’t know how to tolerate that?

I know she is depressed so that is why.

Maybe I should therefore forgive her

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I’m not exactly that great myself to her.

So I should understand.

About how depression affects behaviour.

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Everyone has to decide who they want in their life, had I not had a mental illness maybe life would have been different.
But i often wonder if it was family trauma that caused sz, will never know


That’s if I recover in the first place, fully, idk.

I don’t know much about your financial situation, or where you live, or what you want.
But maybe you could find a one-roomed flat near your mother’s house, so you could see each other quite often.
But maybe I’m wrong, again I don’t know much about your situation.

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Me and Mom had a very strained relationship. My dad left when I was young, so she was Raising six of us on her own and we had to move into the low rentals.

I got myself into a lot of ■■■■, and she spent a lot of nights worrying about me. Thank God we made some peace before she got sick. She’s been gone for over twenty years now

Strongest woman I ever met


My mother passed away in 2019. We were always close and had a loving relationship. However she did nag me a lot. I often wonder why I am a bit relieved that she is gone. I knew that she was ready to go and didn’t want to suffer from Cancer any longer. I think my illness or medication works so that I don’t dwell on it or even reminisce. It’s kind of weird actually.

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