I'm In Agony

I decided to start exercising and i did it for 45 minutes straight on my stationary bike and the next day I was in agony. And the day after too. I couldn’t do more but I’m going to start again tomorrow. Hopefully the pain will be gone. Also bought a cross trainer … haven’t got it yet just ordered…


They say the best thing to when you have muscle soreness is to work through it. I get exercise like once every 2 weeks. I get sore and then I don’t do anything. wrong. I need to start running/biking more if I want to loose this weight, but that’s more difficult then it has been in the past seeing as I am heavier. Good for you though. Exercise can help you recover.

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LOL welcome to working out. My legs, ass and hamstrings hurt from squats and leg day on monday. It hurts to sit. Soreness is the name of the game. If Im not sore, something is wrong. The coach works out 6 days a week and is spartan, no caffeine, he always is like “Ugh Im sore and tired” yeah no ■■■■. I drink preworkout drinks which are basically super energy drink powders. But I need caffeine to function and am on three sedating meds.

you need to stretch before and after cardio. We dont really stretch, we do “activating” things to open our hips and back and shoulders up, we want to be able to squat low but keep tense muscles, I was told that stretching will make my muscles vulnerable to injury and was yelled at to warm up and not stretch one time.

This is good that you have started to exercise. I walked my dog 4x today and walked on the treadmill just for 10 minutes but it felt good, I needed to burn off of the excess Lamictal energy I had today. Maybe exercising will be part of your lifestyle? The soreness will fade away once you get used to moving around a bit - good luck @anon80629714

It doesn’t all seem healthy.

its really not. Its dangerous and Ive torn muscles before. But there is no better feeling than benching, squatting or deadlifting more than you ever imagined. Ive blown past all my previous personal records by a LOT save for bench, when I was a bodybuilder I benched 250 once. Now I am better at deadlift and squat by a ton.

good for you !!! at least you are trying

What? !! I would have expected you to be easily in the 300 - 400 range bench with doing sets of 8 - 10 of 300.
At my best I could bench 275 ten times, my max was 315, for 1 or 2. But my squat was about 385 max and dead-lift about 475 max… so i guess it goes by what you concentrate on, or how the muscles react to heavy weights

keep in mind that I am 165lbs. I bench 240, deadlift 495 and squat 390

Oh, ok…looked heavier than that from pics…but you did also say you were one of the smaller guys. I was 185 - 205 when i was lifting what I mentioned. Didn’t really look much different either with the 20 lb difference as muscle mass grew and fat burned off, because muscle is heavier than fat.

im 5ft7 I am bulky but midget

magnesium helps with muscles, or epsom salt bath, remember to drink water you will be sweating out alot of salts and toxins.
good on you for exercising.
take care

Dynamic stretching is what my physical therapist recommended for me to stop me from injuring myself. He says that he has seen a real drop in sports related patients when they started doing that.

Make sure to stretch afterwards too. Too much stretching can injure you as well.

There must be a big rush of some kind of chemicals when you do that.