I'm having a blah day

I have some kind of chest infection, and the doctor put me on a steroid and an antibiotic to treat it. I think that’s why I am not really interested in anything, though I have a wealth of entertainment around me. They put me on a steroid and an antibiotic about a month ago, and I got the same effect. I think the medicine lasted about a week, and then I reverted to my old chest wheezing ways. I hope this lasts longer. I think I got this condition by inhaling the cigarette smoke from this guy who had one of the worst smoker’s cough I’ve ever seen. He died not too long ago.


I have a cough too that won’t go away. I saw a doctor about it and got X-rays done on Thursday.

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Sorry @crimby I hope you get to feeling better. Hopefully you have a better day tomorrow.

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