I'm going to the hospital


I can’t do this ■■■■ no more. Latuda is obviously not helping. The neighbors are getting worse. I have to find another place to live even if it means leaving my cats behind. All because they won’t leave me alone

Moody hearing voices govt thoughts


Sorry you are feeling like that…hugs. Hope the hospital helps you. Hang in there!

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Yes going to the hospital is ideal.
Don’t be scared @roxanna.
Your doing the right thing.


I’m sorry the hospital is the only option it should help stabilize your mind again for a while at least

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I’m so glad you’re going to the hospital. Good luck!


Best wishes at the hospital roxanna


Good luck with medication switch


Good luck to you. Listen to your treatment team and take of yourself.


Good that you are going to the hospital.
Hope you will get good help.
Good wishes to you.


I wish you the best in going to the hospital.


Glad to hear you’re going to the hospital. I hope they help you feel better. Hang in there @roxanna!

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Good luck @roxanna . I hope you feel better

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I think that’s a good thing. If you still hear your neighbors in the hospital at least you will know they are hallucinations.

Good luck with the new meds.

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Good luck! I hope they figure out what you need and you get better :slight_smile:

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Oh thank God. I know you’re scared, but try not to talk yourself out of it. The hospital is a good place to be when you’re in crisis and need your med situation sorted. When are you heading out?


You’re doing the right thing. I’m proud of you!

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I’m glad you’re going. I hope you’re able to get some rest and your meds get changed to something that actually works. I’ll be thinking if you.

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Love, how are you. I hope you are getting help


Too close to doc appt. Wouldn’t help me.


They sent you home?!? @roxanna