I'm going to sell two antiques on ebay

I’m going to sell an antique organ and an antique TV with a record player on it. I need money to buy a bubinga kit. I’m going to sell the antique organ for 400 dollars, then I’m going to sell the antique stereo and tv(on the same piece of furniture) for 350 dollars. That will be just enough to buy enough drums. Plus I have a whole bunch of money saved up(including the third stimulus check). I can’t believe how I’m going to pull this off.


what’s a bubinga kit?


Isn’t Antiques Usually For Elderly Women?.

Seems Strange @Jake. No Judgment Jus Curious. . .

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. Time Stood Still Like A Pond In Icy Eerie Fascination It Seems. . . . . . .

I would have thought the antique organ would be worth more money. What make is it?

You are right. I changed my mind. I’m going to sell it for 491 dollars. It is a hammod.

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That’s great that you can get your drums this way.

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Thank you, Pianogal……15151515

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