Im going to make millions

Im going to work my ass off now that im on 20 mg zyprexa. Im going to beat this shitty nothing to come of illness.


Its hard when the MAN doesn’t want you to make money or be famous lol. I have zero subscribers on YouTube and barely any views.

eish my man i will follow you lol

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What do you post on youtube, videos on what?

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Conspiracy theories and my life with schizophrenia. In the future, I will talk about science. I can’t share the link because my site has my full name.

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Ah ok i would like to watch oneday


Thank you. We will both be millionaires someday.


I will make my own video for youtube in about a month or less.
I am receiving a huge box of beauty products so I will do an unboxing video, talk about my purchases etc.

I already created a channel, I have a videographer friend who will help me make the video very professional.

I will post it on Instagram and Youtube and my blog and let’s see what happens!


Yea and share the link please i would like to support you


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