I'm going to have a nervous breakdown


No one called you any ■■■■■■■ name


@roxanna please forgive me for repeating myself but you are so unstable…you are in a hell in your mind and your mind is lying to you. don’t trust what you believe…you are in a bad state and need to go to the hospital.


This would make eleventh time going to ward over name calling
I’m not wasting their time anymore


stay in close touch with your pdoc and tell him everything you tell us…he will fix your meds and then you won’t have to suffer anymore…


I’m sorry you struggle so much with hearing these things. :frowning: Do you have headphones for music to try and distract yourself some? Definitely keep up with meds and see if you need a different dose or different med. I would love to see you get some relief because it’s painful to watch you struggle with these feelings and the torment of thinking people are constantly name-calling you. Hugs for you if you want them!


Hugs))) @roxanna.


Yeah I’m tired of this illness. Might call my caseworker Monday.


I think that’s a great idea! Do you have a way to remind yourself to do it? I use Google Calendar and my white board to remind me to do that kind of stuff.


I promise I’ll go if I get worse.


I feel so bad for you. I am so glad my meds work. My hallucinations are frightening. I couldn’t live outside the ward if my meds didn’t work.

You are a very brave young woman.


Doesn’t help I’ve been hallucinating about seeing bugs crawling when there are no bugs. Ffs.


Someone hired a lady to give me poisoned food. She looked angry at me when I was waiting on the bus . Failed . Just because some ■■■■■■■ paid her to do it.


Okay, the poisoned food delusion is something that you really need help for. Please consider a med adjustment!

I had that delusion for a while. It took time and meds to grow out of it.


I need to be dropped on Antarctica. That’s the only way I’ll get away from idiots. Joking aside I don’t think any med adjustment is going to put a stop to this ■■■■

Thanks for posting in my delusions thread.


I’m going to pass out now.


There is no hope. They could put me on the highest of high mgs on the pills I would still worry about idiots. I want to cut myself. Crisis uses what I say in there against me. They don’t care. I take my meds in an hour.


You are probably treatment resistant. I am on 3 antipsychotics with high doses and still hear voices


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