I'm going to a gig

I should be able to go to this one now as i have more energy and i feel a lot better ast few days after a slight med adjustment. I asked a pal to go as well but i might ask a girl i know if she wants to go (fingers crossed)


That’s great bro… are you playing drums? What’s the gig about?

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The gig is the annual gig for my music charity & i wont be playing drums at it but i want to go & enjoy the local music,

One of the line up is a musician i interviewed for my radio show a while ago, i wonder if he’ll recognise me lol.

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My gig is tonight, i have showered and i got a haircut today, put some deodorant on, I’m leaving now, I’m nervous as hell but luckily my pal is going with me.


Awesome. Have fun. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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I had fun, i bought 5 strips of raffle tickets & gave one strip to my pal, my pals ticket won lol, so he won a year free membership to the charity worth over £70

The music was pretty good, it wasn’t too crowded, i had an alcohol free beer, it was pop singers, hip/hop & guitar


Cool. Sounds like you had a good time. :cat::cat::cat:

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