I'm going out and about today

I have to go to the bank and to the grocery store. It’s masks required the places I’m going. Yesterday was masks required too. I guess it’s just always going to be masks from now on. Yesterday there was a person not wearing his mask and it seemed so out of place, so weird not to. I thought what’s wrong with him? lol funny what we get used to.


I’ve only been out once since March. At my age, it feels like a luxury. I’m so well given care to by the home.


more people around here don’t wear masks than wear them. but you have to have a mask on to get into the grocery store. personally, i wear a mask when i go to town.

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I’m not quite used to it but that’s life. I wear it wherever I go.


The Governor of the state I live in has issued a masks required Executive Order, so you have to wear one or it’s something like a $500.00 fine. I’m in the USA.


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