I'm going back on 800mg l-theanine a day

I was taking 800 mg a day which is a lot. But even 200mg made a difference and 200mg would probably be safe. So you could give it to her but warn her of the risks of taking more than 200mg a day.

I’m not familiar with L-theanine but if it is anything like benzos you are wise to do a slow taper. I quit benzos abruptly two years ago and had awful anxiety. Maybe start by dropping down to 600mg for a few weeks and see how you feel before dropping lower.

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Do you think it was habit forming? Do you think you would have been psychotic if you had never taken it or do you think it was because you took it regularly then abruptly dropped the dose?

I think its because i was on such a large dose (800) and stopped abruptly. I cant imagine there’d be any issues with 200 a day.