Im getting new tattoo next month pretty excited

Here is the design do you guys like it, went today to get a measurement for my arm, also went in to touch up on previous skull tattoo, it had some light spots that needed to be filled in and i wanted some cracks on the skull, do you guys like it? :grinning:


Why do so many people like skull tattoos I think they are scary? I see skull tattoos all the time.


Sorry ExploringWalker i didnt mean to scare you, i apologize, im just fascinated with skulls for some reason, i like them. Something about makes me feel good thats all.

No.I don’t like it. It scares me.

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I like this one:

The skull is scary to me. That’s just my opinion tho

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Thanks i like it too, sorry everyone i did mean to scare you guys, i just like skulls, do you want me to take it down let me know, if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t worry about it. It’s not that scary. I was just stating an opinion. We’re not the skull police.


Okay cool, but let me know still if you feel uncomfortable i have no problem of taking it down. its okay.

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