I'm freaking out... I think I'm in kidney failure

I looked through my test results from two months ago and realized my kidney levels are showing 2 points from abnormal I haven’t been peeing much and just realized it when I thought about it today… I’ve only been peeing 2 to 3 times a day… Normally someone will pee 7 to 10 times a day… I’m scared…

Do you drink a lot of water?

@naturallycured yes 60oz a day

@naturallycured today I accidentally drank 80 oz and only peed 3 times

Maybe your body adapted to drinking that much water, and isn’t excreting it as often.

Are you drinking a diuretic like soda / coffee / tea?

I feel like you’re freaking yourself out unnecessarily.

Talk to your doctor about the kidney function first,

Don’t jump to conclusions reading your own labs.


@naturallycured I normally mix a bit of sugar free drink powder in my water.

@anon54386108 but I’m not peeing much

I read my own labs too and get really scared. Then I see my doctor and he reassures me that their not as bad as it seems.


I’m just saying talk to your doctor before you get too worked up,

It could be a lot of different things.


@Sheryl and @anon54386108 idk I’m just kinda scared… I’m trying to calm down but I can’t help but think something awful is wrong with me

@Sheryl @naturallycured and @anon54386108 I’ve been told before that my kidneys were struggling so I’m kinda freaking

How long have you been drinking 60 oz of water?

@naturallycured months and I realized my pee level never went up

If you think your going into kidney failure go to the emergency room and have them test your kidney function. Then you’ll know for sure.

@naturallycured I’m counting my drink mix as water as well if that matters

This is something you should discuss with the doctor, but if I had to guess I’d say your bladder just adapted to the extra water.

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@Leaf I as always have no ride to the ER and my mom thinks I’m fine… I’ll just go to the doctor soon

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@Leaf @naturallycured @anon54386108 and @Sheryl I go to the doctor on the 7th I haven’t died yet so I’m sure a week more won’t kill me

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@anon54386108 @Leaf @naturallycured @Sheryl thanks guys I’ve been freaking for 30 min to an hour before I came on here y’all are life savers


It’s ok @Twialine I get to thinking the same thing myself