I'm freaking out... I think I'm in kidney failure

@Leaf I guess seeing my stepdad go through kidney failure scares me too… I know what’s in store for me if I am in kidney failure… It’s not good

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There are diets that can heal the kidneys back to regular function. The body is pretty amazing at healing itself if it’s not being assaulted by the wrong foods.

The “Kempner diet” is one example.

Kidneys don’t heal from damage like livers do,

The diet can help prevent further damage.

But it can’t undo what has been done.

I’m sorry you’re going through this. Try to relax for now am just put it out of your mind. There’s nothing you can do about it right now so worrying will only hurt you.

Not like livers, but they can heal.

The Kempner diet was founded by an MD, he has a good track record with it.


@Twialine, I get all worked up and anxious when I read my own labs, then when I see my doctor he reassures me that I’m fine.

Your bladder is probably adjusting to the increased liquid.

Give it time.

@Twialine for me, not peeing enough is a bladder problem and not a kidney problem. Just wait to see the dr. If you can’t pee at all, go to the ER. But let your dr interpret the tests. They went through a TON of training to properly diagnose people. Just hang in there. You’re still peeing even if it’s only 3 times a day


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