I'm dying for attention like the ten year old I really am

That’s right. Splitting mind. Schizo-phrenia in Latin. I have a fragmented personality with a nearly 50 year old intellect, an emotional make up that is commensurate to a ten year old boy, and the physical functionality of an 18 month old infant. Fun, fun, fun! Well, I’m doing okay today, but I’m dying for attention like a little boy does because he knows he can’t really be part of an older peer group, but I hope the people here will have some patience for this spoiled brat. Hey, I’m trying.

Let’s play Mike. I live to color. I love stickers. I’m always hoping for mama’s love.

Okay. :gem: I need to play. I play music a lot. I haven’t done it recently but we can color if you tell me how.

I just see a design and try to copy it then color it in like butterflies dogs owls. You choose. Coloring for adults is in right now. I’m currently doing lampshades.

Would you like a link to some of my music? You might like it!
Its free for download!

OK yeah I’m right now listening to I heart radio but I can hit on yours for awhile.

Alright! This one is really long! 45" 10’ so if its too long, just switch it off and go to something else. But I don’t believe it will bore you. I hope you’re listening with good speakers or headphones.

Here’s the link:

It took me nearly a year and a half to complete this piece, and I’m very proud of it. I hope you enjoy it. Lets play some more!

Got my headphones on to my phone music is funkadoory love the synthetics. It’s jamming.

Please… enjoy.

Sorry I clicked on this site and lost it. But really it’s very good. Way to go. What else you like to do?

Well, I’m very glad you got to hear at least some of my work. And I do need something else to play with. Musically I’m on hiatus right now as I just finished an 18 month project that included the tune you were listening to, and it burnt me out for a while. So for now, I’m hanging around, chatting with the good people on forums like this one. Today, like I said, I just want some attention, like the little kid I still am inside. And you know, I have to be realistic. You showed up, and that’s fun.

I refuse to complain about my situation, although I could. I don’t have a lot of resources, so I’m limited as to what I actually can do with my time. I find enjoyment in the small things about life, and live in the moment. Hell, sometimes I still even play with children’s toys because they appeal to my emotional sensibilities. I accept myself as I am - a person with schizophrenia. I know what that means, and it doesn’t frighten me or make me depressed. But I am limited by it.

I get burnt out often from writing I know the feeling. Today we are going to play in an arcade. I’ll send a pic. My son never grows up because he has down syndrome.

Well, always be patient with your son. I kinda know how he feels. I’ve been wearing diapers ever since I was 19, and its never going to go away, so I know how bad it can feel to be different.

Cool jam man. I’ll leave this on.

Another fan! Success!

This stuff is good man. Real good.

…Thank you.

He’s just Alec you know he’s not totally different but we have fun.

Of course, I know, no one’s totally different - he’s unique like the rest of us, and that makes him precious. I’m sure you know that far better than I.