Homemade Jams (Music) to Ease Your Nerves

I am a classically trained musician with over 30 years experience in the field. I also happen to have schizophrenia. The music I’m presenting here is from a suite of ten pieces I completed earlier this year, and I wanted to share them on this particular website, because I believe the folks here are intelligent and sensitive enough to “get it”, if you kinda know what I mean. You won’t find any of this material anywhere else; it is my own, and I hold the copyright. But it is available for free download from SoundCloud. I understand fully the suffering that many of you experience in your struggle with this MFr of an illness. I hope these tunes give you some pleasure, as I’ve designed them to be anything but boring.

Please post comments on your experiences with this music, as making contact with others does me a world of good.

Thanks for listening.