Im down to one vice now, just the coffee

no beer or wine for like 3 weeks. no cigarettes for 3 weeks, just the 4 cups of coffee a day, which i hope to cut down to 2 a day in the morning, but right now, im drinking it in the afternoon when i get an urge to smoke.

and of course no weed for 6 years now.


i smoked light cigarettes for 2 years, that is long enough. i did it out of boredom mostly.

i will probably start drinking more peach tea again, like i was doing before i started smoking.

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Thats great man.
Do you have an activity thats interesting to kinda replace the vices?
I find if I quit everything I get this lingering boredom restlessness. So I get out on my mountain bike, usually solves it.
I still drink coffee. heaps of coffee lol.


no i don’t really have anything right now. i go for a walk every once in awhile and spend a lot of time online. need to find some hobbies, my guitar is staring at me every day, but i rarely play it. some lyrics came to me the other day, first time i had written anything for about a year, i had some serious creativity block.

i would like to put a basketball hoop on my barn and shoot hoops in the future when i get bored, i’ve always enjoyed shooting around.

also i visit mom and dad a lot to change the scenery, like once every 2 hours for a bit, them come back home. they live right across the street, i walk over.

nice man im sure youll find some stuff to get into.
hmm with the guitar you could just play a drum track off youtube and mess around. Im not very good at guitar but i like to play power chords and rhythm stuff.

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yeah i bought some books on scales to practice, so i could start soloing and playing fingerstyle, i have a hard time holding down all the strings with some power chords, because i broke my finger playing football back in school, and it’s kind of bent out of shape, i strike 5 strings clean, but one is always muted when i play barre chords. im good at playing by myself and making it sound interesting, but i don’t think i have the ear to play with others, or i just have little to no experience doing it. just a couple times in my life have i jammed with other people and it was a disaster. felt competitive like they were trying to embarrass me for not being on their level.

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I learned with guitar tab and just listening to the rhythms of songs, but im too slow with the fingerstyle playing.
ah yeah i play with my brother sometimes. He usually just trys to flow and blend with whatever im playing lol. its tricky to play as a band keeping on beat

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Keep up the good work!

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