I'm doing good

I had a med clinic appointment yesterday. They checked my weight I lost 8 pounds and when they took my blood pressure it was so good she said she use to dread taking my blood pressure because it was always so bad.

We talked about abilify the pdoc said for some people it’s really sweating others it’s like the equivalent to taking speed. I’m in the middle its clearing the fog out of my brain.


Congratulations on the weight loss and the good blood pressure! That must feel really good.

I’m glad the Abilify is working well for you. I know what you’re talking about with the brain fog clearing. When I was on high-dose Haldol, my brain fog was terrible.

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Haldol caused a lot of problems


That’s great to hear! I started Abilify 2 months ago. My side effect is insomnia. It’s made me more talkative and outgoing. I’m on 15mg. How long have you been on Abilify? How soon after starting it did it start to clear your mind?

I’ve been on abilify for a little over a month 10 mgs. I like it.

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I like that it’s already clearing your mind :slight_smile:

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It’s working well with the voices too


Yes, you deserve a few things to go well for you. I’m glad for you.

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That’s great! It seems like the only med that takes away voices is Clozapine. I’m glad to hear Abilify does too.

For some people that’s true but I’ve never heard voices on abilify only when off it. So I think it depends on the severity of the voices and response to medication. My friend said rispersal treated his voices and I think someone else my friend said his voices were down from that older anti psychotic that started ph, but not eliminated.

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