I'm better today

Im not sure if I’ll go back to Lisbon today or tomorrow but I’m definitely better. Yesterday I thought I was going to be like that forever, comes to show that things pass.

I’m thinking this morning that I have a lot to be thankful for and that includes being able to go out of town for a few days and having time to think about myself.

The things that were bothering me yesterday were the things I didn’t resolve yet. The guilts and the pains of the inevitables. My dog died, I wasn’t with her when it happened and that hurts, but I couldnt.
My mom made mistakes, a lot of them, but she came through when I needed the most.

My illness is strong, I can feel it everyday, but it’s not a death sentence. I live well, I’m recovering and I have a lot to live for.

I made a lot of progress this last year that no one thought it was possible for me. I was a hopeless case. I’m not anymore. I feel I can accomplish more now than I could when I thought I was neurotypical.

Well… Things are better and I’m trying to be positive today.

Thank you all for your support yesterday. It means a lot you guys having my back. You have no idea how much I value this forum.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading.



in the absence of the dark lord I want to give you a big ole :bug: hug

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
I love you love you love you @minnii and I’m glad to hear that you are doing better… and also sorry to hear about your dog.


Love you too B. Thanks for making me laugh yesterday!

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Minnii, you are so precious for this community as you brought so many valuable thoughts and care to this forum. Glad you feel better today.


Can’t watch videos! Data connection suxxs

Thank you! That made me feel all warm inside! :heart:

ah sorry… it’s just a stupid vid. An attempt to make rise of another smile for you.

Take care minnikers…

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My mom says I have an anguish look on my face ever since we arrived so we’re going back to Lisbon today. I said we could stay another day but she also prefers going today… So that’s that. Problem over

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Environment really is a powerful thing. I’m glad you’re going back to Lisbon.

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There is a small island where we have a summer cottage, sometimes I feel like going there and do some fishing, I have not done so for many years, something different that would be, there are also large water areas near where I live, sometimes I would have liked to go fishing there. Nature can be very peaceful and helping I think.

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