I'm back muahaha

all the people be like whhaatttt… Run for the hills muahaha


btw @velociraptor i’ll be doing a radio show 60,000 plus daily Average,


I think you should take a walk around the neighborhood and have some soup or something.

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Did your doc easily give you risperidone 8mg, like did he think about it long? I will be asking my doc tommorrow for a med increase from 6 to 8mg and I want to know what he’ll say

Welcome back…

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Welcome back! Hope things have been going well! When I’m not on here much, it usually means I’m keeping busy.

thanks everhopeful, i do regret my suspension, i’d rather be here than not, my suspension the way i see it was written in the sands

@anon62973308 been busy yeah, always busy, most days

@anon47167357 i cant remember

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Welcome back :slight_smile:

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thanks @ZmaGal

i’m hoping not to get suspended again but man i can feel them breathing down my neck already, they dont know how hard it is for me when i get suspended

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Just think before you write. That might help.


You don’t have that good a memory

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you are right, sometimes i type very fast and before i know it i’ve said something and someone is offended and i get suspended,

i need to slow my fingers down, most of the time i’m just having a laugh its no biggie, sometimes i just want to have a proper discussion, nobody see’s it like that,

everyone that knows me in real life thinks i’m a nice guys, thing with text is you cant read body language and facial expressions :v::v::v:


No. It’s hard to read text without hearing the other persons voice. But like you said, slow it down and think first. You can do this :slight_smile:

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i feel a bit manic sometimes, i feel a bit manic now. i feel i will get suspended very fast, i’m a bit scared. its not up to me if i get suspended though, you got to look at the big picture, maybe i am suppose to get suspended, maybe it is for the best

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