Im afraid to be alone

I’m afraid to be alone. I’m having problems with the voices and feelings of worthlessness. I’m constantly worried about things I cant help. My partner’s little sister and nieces and nephews are all going through a difficult time.

The voices are telling me to hurt myself, I’m not going to do it but I’m afraid if I’m alone with the voices I might lose it.

My partner knows about it, and told her mom about it and asked her to keep an eye on me. My mother came to me and asked about my previous attempts when I was way younger.

My mother in law said if anything every one would be upset especially the kids.


Whatever you do, don’t do anything that may be irreversible.
I was 10 years ago when I ODed and I have to live with the consequences for the rest of my life.


I’m sorry your feeling this and going through this cb. I often have feelings of worthlessness too.

Do you find something auditory like music, or a comedy album, or a favorite podcast kind of interrupts the process in your brain that acknowledges the voices?

Music does sometimes help but if I’m listening to say Metallica or music like that it makes things worse. I have a pdoc appointment tomorrow and I’m hoping the doctor helps. My partner is going to come with to talk to the doctor about not putting me back on meds that dont work


I hope that’s productive, and I’m glad you have your partner to offer some support.

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i’m glad i made the appointment for tomorrow because after the 21st till april 4th she will not be coming to the clinic.


Cool. I hope you can find some other good care provider after that, as well.

I see a therapist at the clinic too and I have to make an appointment with my case manager. She said she wants to talk about my treatment goals.


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