I'm about to be out of a job

My place of employment was not satisfied with what my dr put down on my accommodation form. They told me that she mostly just deferred to my primary care dr, which I do not have. So, they are giving me one week for my dr to send them something better, more complete. This is ■■■■■■. I’m not going to be able to do it.

I’m going to continue working there for the next week, even though I know the end is near, and even though I am incompetent at my job to the point that I get bitched at by coworkers. I’m going to make those ■■■■■■■ fire me. I probably won’t qualify for unemployment, considering I have not been at the current job for very long.

My friend works in a foundry, and they are always hiring. It’s back-breaking work, and I have a bad back, and it’s not good pay and no benefits, but it would be something if unemployment won’t pay out. I don’t know how I’ll afford rent, car payment, all of my bills on unemployment or on what the foundry pays.

I’m ■■■■■■. I’m determined not to hang myself over it, though, no matter what happens. I may end up needing to move in with my friend after all. I have money for October rent, so it will be at least a month before I have to do that.


You should phone up your doctor and light a fire under their butt. Explain the importance to them.


I hope you can resolve the issues

if you feel stressed or distressed i think you should get some therapy at a psych unit. A stay in psych hospital would help and it would also help you in getting welfare/unemployment benefits. Being unemployed due tomental illness would get your application for state welfare looked on more favourably

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I don’t even know what to tell my dr’s office. The guy at my work who handles this stuff, the guy who said what my dr sent was insufficient, was out of the office yesterday. I may call him Monday to see what he needs. I don’t see it working out, though. I feel completely defeated right now.

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I’m not staying in a psych unit. That is a last resort for me, hate being hospitalized. About the only way I go into a hospital is if I’m in (or heading into) a psychotic break, or if I’m on the verge of killing myself. Then there’s the matter of paying for my stay, even if my insurance covers most of it, there are still copays that I cannot afford.

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ah it is a disaster, I don’t know how we can help you out.
I hope you figure things out.

I think unemployment benefits counts the whole time you were employed. Not only your last job.
If they fire you, I think they will give a sum of money at least half a wage?

I hope things work out :frowning: sorry

I think there is a good chance you will qualify for unemployment. It’s not as if you have been employed for 3 days. How long has it been?

And if you are fired, it is for something outside of your control. You can document that medically, although unemployment might pass you off to disability.

You still have to try.

First thing Monday, figure out exactly what he needs,

Then just hound your doctor’s office until you get what you want.

Seriously, call and call and call, give them the bad ex-girlfriend treatment until you get what you want.

Writing that, I realize its a little bratty and dramatic,

But this is your job, you can’t just give up.

It may not work out, however. you need to chase it down to the very end.

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I’m sorry this is happening to you. Contact your pdoc first thing Monday morning.

Is there any chance you can you get your old job(s) back?

Sounds like your Employer is discriminating against you.
Talk to your psychiatrist anyway.
Don’t give up and see what happens next.
Good luck.

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I hope things work out for you.

@twinklestars I have been working there for just over two months.

@anon54386108 I am pretty much ready to give up on that job. I’ve hung in there the best I can, toughed it out despite an awful work environment, but I am worn down by it all. I’m only human, not to mention the sza. I feel completely defeated at this point.

@Moonbeam I could get my teaching job back no problem, but it would not start again until January, have to figure something out until then. I could probably get my job back at the retail pharmacy, as well, but I doubt I could get 40 hours. Even at that I could not fully support myself with that pay alone. Honestly, if I had to do a drug test to get back in I would be screwed. They do pre-employment (and random) testing. I’ve been relieving my extreme stress in illegal ways, ways that I would never recommend to anyone on this forum.

@Wave I’m not so sure it’s discrimination, but I suppose it could be. Really I think I’m just being denied help based on a technicality. I mean, if the people at that office at my place of employment know anything about mental health they would have some idea of the kinds of things I cannot do, such as the entirety of my current job. Hell, even if they don’t know what sza is they have access to Google, WebMD, etc.

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I looked at my state’s web site, and I will not qualify for unemployment benefits. About the only way they pay out is if a worker is let go through no fault of their own, like if their employer went out of business or something like that. My termination would be considered to be for “just cause,” which means I would be ineligible. Bummer.

Ugh, I’m facing job uncertainty myself. Job insecurity is looming over my head. It’s very stressful.

All I can say is keep on your doctor to get the info you need and I hope things turn out for the best.

Always here for you if you need a chat or a vent.

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We’re in different states so of course the rules are different, but I think they all say something to that effect and yet I knew a guy who got fired for watching TV when he was supposed to be working, he was warned in writing and did it again, and he still got unemployment. So, apply either way. You might see if there are any disability advocate lawyers who can offer free advice if you are denied.

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Absolutely make them fire you. Then they’ve fired a disabled person who made a point to request accommodations. Then you sue them.

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Keep a log of your interactions with your employer. Send them an email (important to get it in writing) reiterating that you’re doing your best to request accommodations in your workplace.

The more documentation, the better.

@freakonaleash I just want to say I’m so sorry that you’re going through all of this.

I wish there was something I could do to help :frowning:

I hope it all works out for you. Best of luck!