I'm a lost baby

Very threatened by the idea of abandonment and not being taken care of. My mind quit growing.

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My mind quit growing up too. I feel like I’m a teenager, albeit a responsible one in a world of adults. But I’m a guy, and they say guys never grow up anyway!

I think it’s with the idea that guy’s wives will take care of them. I’ve known some quite mature single men.

Sometimes I think I have the emotional maturity of an eighteen year old male.

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I don’t mind sharing that my fragmented personality has several different age ranges, one at 50, which is my actual age, one at ten years, which is my general emotional age, and the age of some of my bodily functions, which work at around 18 months of age.

The 50 year old must execute all the affairs for the other fragments, while there is a firestorm of childlike emotions going on inside me all the time. Its like my mind grew up, but my feelings stayed put. Eugen Bluler called it - splitting mind or, in Latin we have, schizophrenia.

I’m a lost baby myself

I might as well be, I’m completely dependent on my family.

In my culture it is akin to sin if family doesn’t take care of family.

May god bless.

I’m just a little baby.