If your diagnosis is schizophrenia,do you need medicine?

If your diagnosis is schizophrenia,do you guarantee need to take medicine?Yes or No?

For life. Unless you want a relapse.


why would taking antipsychotic prevent more relapse?As far as i know some people take antipsychotic consistently with doctors order still relapse

For the first few years of schizophrenia, until you find the correct combination, you will relapse very often. But if you have a psychiatrist and have found the right combination, you won’t unless you are using an old medicine.

It rebalances the neurotransmitters or chemicals in the brain.

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A medicine you have used before*

It depends on the type of schizo. If you have debilitating positive symptoms then you need medication. On the other hand if your symptoms is negative and cognitive only then you not need medication as medications can worsen these further. Simple schizo, schizo typical personality and several other types come under this category. Therapy is the main treatment for negative symptoms unlike medications.


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