If you’re manic but on seroquel

Does it still make you sleep a normal amount?

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It depends how manic you are
If you are high as a kite then it may make you sleep for only 5 hours or so but it depends.

I know that when I was manic Seroquel would knock me out but I would only get like 5 to 6 hours sleep.

I would wake up rather early


Yeah sounds about right

@Wave i think I end up getting 8 or so hours but I keep waking up ready to go throughout the night

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Yes this can happen too

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I can take seroquel and have no problems staying awake and thats without mania. I guess it depends

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I’m schizophrenic and Seroquel has a very calming in the daytime and s very anti schizophrenics anti manic effect and is very good at putting me to sleep.

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