If you let yourself being a tad a bit crazy

If you let yourself being a tad a bit crazy, you’ll have a lot less trouble. Try it, you’ll just benefit from it then.
Just a thought.

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Like, psychotic crazy or spontaneous crazy?

Just breaking some ice from your dicipline kind of crazy. “Normal” people are also a bit of crazy in my opinion.

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So if you have the other people’s demandings in your mind, just drop these and you might have a big help for to manage.

And don’t walk away any of your battles til it’s a winnable outro for you.

I sorta know your mind-set and know where your coming from. Its a release for me to act out mad in the privacy of my flat - and scream and and swear blue murder to my voices. Letting “go” for a short period gets it off your chest.


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