If you know you're sick, then you're not really sick...?

I had a teacher (not of psychology, mind you) who insisted that if you knew you were schizophrenic, then you probably weren’t. Now, not having met anyone else (that I know of) with schizophrenia, I can say that I know I am schizophrenic, and that doesn’t make me any less schizophrenic. Just because I know something is a hallucination doesn’t mean I’m not seeing/hearing it.

What do you think?

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I agree 100%. Just like you can know you’re alcoholic and be alcoholic. Many people lie to themselves about this.

I know I am. But I have other thoughts at the same time, that I’m not actually ill. That I have made it all up. The voices tell me I’m a fake and make things up. Sometimes I believe them.

I think the idea is that since a delusion is a firmly held belief that can’t be changed regardless of arguments or evidence against it then if you know it’s a delusion, it isn’t. Of course when clear headed one can look back and see how a belief was untrue but in the throes of delusion one thinks it’s real and therefore shouldn’t be aware that it isn’t.

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You took the words out of my mouth

I always knew there was something wrong with me, but I also believed a lot of the delusion anyway…and knowing that I was probably schizophrenic didn’t stop the paranoia or screwed up thinking one bit. Sometimes I get a guilty feeling that I have exagerated it and got misdiagnosed, but when I really look back at my life and the way I was, it is obvious.

The way I got my diagnosis was because I didn’t know but I experienced similar stigma, I think it’s a stupid assumption. I sometimes know I’m ill but then I lose insight, and right now I’m not accepting but not without reminders that I’m ill. I think the fact that I lose insight was what got me my diagnosis. My doctor asked the last time I saw her “did you have doubt before?” And I said no, that seemed to set off a lightbulb in her head.

I think it’s a common and stupid assumption that if you think you’re ill, you’re not! A grave misunderstanding of the many systems around.

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i think going through phycosis and being aware that your mind is crumbling is not great, sometimes i think ignorance is bliss but im not sure.

That’s like saying that if you know you have cancer you probably don’t have it.

I don’t think I’m mentally ill, but I agree with what crimby said.

And I agree with both crimby and Yakdip. It’s a ridiculous statement. You mean all I have to do is announce, " I know I have schizophrenia", and thus i will not have it anymore? (if you follow my logic).

I think that teacher read “Catch-22” too many times and it stuck in his/her head. “BUT I"M THE BOMBARDIER”.

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Professors of psychology would beg to differ from what that teacher said.

I might add that when my symptoms break through on rare occasions, it feels perfectly real and I cant tell if what a room full of people saying is real or not.

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When I say I have schizophrenia and tell you my symptoms it’s because I have insight into my illness. I wish it would go away that easily. It’s messed with my life enough. I don’t know if I have one more recovery left in me.

I think I would like to have every test known to show all the things that science has found to be with schizophrenics. like the genes associated, brain scans, blood tests. to see how scientifically close I am to what science thinks it finds in most schizophrenics. If I had all the findings it would prove a point, but if I had none then why do I think medication helps, or what is it that is making me have thoughts feelings voices beliefs that about 99% of the world does not have daily.

I thought maybe the license plate numbers I drive by might have meanings that were communications from some supernatural source. I thought it seemed rational to test the theory to see if it was true. I couldn’t really find a definitive answer. Seemed weird but rational at the time but when I look back now maybe it was delusional. The doctor says I get weird ideas as a symptom.

all my life i have basically tried to forget that i am sz.
but your mind has a way of reminding you.
for the last week i have been really sick of being sz and as a added bonus extreme back pain…yeah !!! .
take care

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I don’t know much about a lot of things. For example, I don’t know much about breast cancer.

It’s all right with me that some people don’t know peanut butter about schizophrenia, but often I wish I would get more understanding than I do get.


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I’ve been pondering this statement too and have been trying to figure it. I could argue that I know I’m Sz because my doc told me so… so does that mean he cured me?

Very Zen…

I’ve accepted my diagnosis. But it still makes me a little freaked out when I get told I’m perfectly sane. I never know what to do with that.

It’s really difficult but I manage. It’s just that people my age or people who don’t understand it don’t think I have the illness because I don’t appear ill like the stereotypes. My mom opposed it, but now she appears to have schizophrenia too. My dad, brother, and other family members are very supportive and understanding though. I’m still close with my brother, even though the illness has put a strain on the whole family both my mom’s and mine.