Why do they say “Most schizophrenics don’t know they’re schizophrenic?”

What does that mean or imply?

I don’t know that was true…

Some szs don’t know cos they have little insight


Because people who don’t have knowledge into the illness usually can’t accept that they have a mental illness. Mental illness is somewhat of a taboo to healthy people.

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I don’t know that they say “Most schizophrenics don’t know they’re schizophrenic”.

But there are probably a lot that “Lack insight” into their illness.

When I was first diagnosed I did not believe my diagnosis. I thought my delusions were real and no one could convince me otherwise. I thought that there was nothing wrong with me.


I know that I’m schizophrenic because my doctor told me so. The problem I have is new people showing up in this forum wanting to know if they are schizophrenic. Like, how the @#%$ should I know? Go talk to your own doctor.


I think the one that bothers me most is when people who admit to having OCD drop by to scaremonger about thinking they might have schizophrenia.

I dunno it just always rubs me the wrong way


I guess because I was DX’d as OCD at first, but then my psychologist quickly realized that I was worried about things that were happening, rather than being worried that things MIGHT happen. So I guess it bothers me when people without psychosis come in, afraid that they MIGHT BE psychotic.

Like, you think you’re scared now, imagine how much scarier it would be if you ACTUALLY WERE psychotic


It means they have no insight. Some schizophrenics develop insight though with the help of meds.


At the beginning of my sz after my diagnosis I refused my diagnosis as it meant I was insane. I refused meds so stopped them. I got a lot worse and my life was in danger before I realized that I have sz and need meds.


My insight took from 2004 to 2013 and even up to 2016 for it to really click when I educated myself

I had an illness, and was completely ignorant to what it meant to me.

Just took the pills with little monitoring and regard to impact of side effects (Olanzapine and weight gain specifically)

Now things have gotten so much better

The mechanics of my brain have developed to a level now where I crush SZ with about as much sympathy as it gave my wellbeing in the beginning of it all

This forum helped me achieve that more than my team


I realized that I had schizophrenia within six months of quitting the job I had, when the delusions started. But, I knew that something was seriously wrong with me almost right away.

What is that claim based on, by the way? (The thread title.) Is it based on actual data, or no?

I think if you (a) don’t do drugs and/or (b) don’t have anything to do with the occult, you will have a greater awareness of something being wrong, sooner.

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I had poor insight at 23 years old. Believed I was dead even though I had a heartbeat for some reason. Aside for a little paranoia here and there all my delusions had to do with the body.

Oh and ya gotta love that psychosis nos label on admission to the ward.


When I was first diagnosed with schizophrenia it hit me like a ton of bricks and I think that is what sunk me into a deep depression. The thought didn’t even cross my mind even while I was having all the weird experiences I was having. I had heard about the disorder prior to that but my, admittedly ignorant understanding of it, was that people with schizophrenia were just crazy people.

When i told the doctor what was happening to me I was convinced the hallucinations were because I was being mind controlled. It didn’t occur to me at that time I had schizophrenia.

After I started learning about it I realized what I was experiencing was typical for that diagnoses. It took me a long time to come to terms with it but when I did my depression faded and I quit my antidepressant. I think I just need acceptance and closure.

It means we think we’re god.

I think people who are schizophrenic and unmedicated don’t know they are schizophrenic. I know when I was unmedicated I thought all my delusions were real. No one could convince me that I was sick. Although I had moments of “wtf am I doing?!”

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