If you could ask 1 question

Someone who knew ALL would answer one question for you. What would your question be?


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Why…as a question?

Yes, Why?..20

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Which (if any) of the religions are correct?

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Prayranoia starts with fear. No fear, no need to pray to an awful God. Why is religion here? To scare children? It leaves scars.

Just ordered Christmas wrapping paper online. It’s still June right? :santa: :christmas_tree: :snowflake:

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why do we destroy the only world we have ?
the answer is humanity is stupid.
take care


Why am I so messed up on so many levels, and why do bad things happen to good people? Before this illness I was so innocent.

I have been given the answer of “genetics”. I have been told that it is not my fault, everything, down to the last thing wrong with me.


What are the winning lottery numbers for this week?


Hang on…let me check…

Answer: The ones that we never get.


Will I end up in Heaven or Hell? No not feeling suicidal it’s just a question I have.


The ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything is…42.

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Hahaha that’s the truth!

How do I make light without heat?

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To make light without heat, you would need to get an electron excited by shooting another photon at it that it’s capable of absorbing (electrons only jump to specific energy levels and need specific energy to do so). A laser should do fine, though they usually produce heat; now I believe the heat is created AFTER the first photon is emitted, so it should still apply.

Also, heat is everywhere and the absence of heat cannot exist with any level of certainty. Even Absolute 0 is not completely free of heat, it’s just VERY low on heat. Think of it this way, you cannot know EXACTLY where a particle is AND its velocity at the same time. The more you know about one, the less you can know about the other. Since heat is basically a measurement of random atomic motion, as long as you can measure where the particle is, there is no way for its temperature to be known thus it cannot be proven to be motionless/heatless.

So, moral of the story: To make light you need matter, to have matter is to have heat. So you need heat to make light. Sorry.

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The practical applications of a technology that could answer this question are huge! =)

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Lightning bugs do it naturally, I’ve always wanted to to try to duplicate this. Fascinates me to no end. Imagine harnessing the energy of a star and storing it safely for all to use.
Make my mind wind up and loop around for hours.