If u have a partner, where/how did u meet her/him?

I’ve been thinking that I would never marry but I’ve decided to be more true to myself.
I do have some issues, but I’m ready to be in a relationship.
And I just wonder, if you have a partner, where/how did you meet her/him?
I just need some positive input on this one.
Recently I met a few guys who meet my criteria but they are all married :frowning:
Maybe it’s a sign that I’ll eventually meet someone who meet my criteria AND single if I won’t give up partnership and marriage.
I’m 36 btw.


I met my husband through
I’d given up on it and then he texted me 3 month later after saying I’m giving up in dating to him


I got married 20 years ago and this is a good marriage. I met my husband on university campus but at that time I just newly graduated and found a job at a TAFE. My best friend played the role of matchmaker and introduced me to my husband.


Every girl I ever meet who meets my standards seems to be in a relationship already…I don’t have overly high standards, but I have standards

I met my fiancé on OK Cupid. At the time, I was just trolling guys for free date nights. At the end of the night, I would tell them I was sz and then they would never call back. They felt like they dodged a bullet, and I got a tasty meal or fun activity for free. But when I started talking to him, I knew he was special and I shouldn’t ■■■■ it up. So I was on my very best behavior, and I even paid for my own ticket.

I met mine on MySpace like 10 years ago.

I met my Gf two years ago when she moved into the same apartment building.

We just started off as friends… with her past abusive relationships and my Sz… we said we were NOT going to be more then just friends…

For a year or more… we were just friends… it felt good to have a friend.

Then the friendship grew… and caught on fire… and now we’re engaged.


I went to see a specific Band play at a Club downtown. This gal did the same thing…thought I had a great butt…and asked me if she could share a drink with me.

That was in 1990. 25 years later we’re still humming along…


Was at the show where his band played…it was back and forth for the first two months…
I’m not quite a role model though…

Just be open…and friendly… It will come.


I signed up for this dating site and I was trying to be open… This guy emailed me and we talked for a while just until I came out as sz. He abruptly stopped replying me. Maybe I was too early to come out but what else I could do when he asked me what I do for a living.

I was too shocked. Maybe the way I produced myself was inappropriate. But I guess I should be more angry.

But seriously, who wants someone with sz who don’t have a job?

I’ll go to this support group in a week or so. Maybe I’ll meet someone with sz or similar problems there. Idk. I have mixed feelings about it. I might be the one who doesn’t accept the way I am. But it’s difficult to feel my worth.

No, that’s the worst thing you can do. I mean, almost exactly what I do to myself. ’ who will ever want me like this… I have to accept what ever and who ever shows up there…'
Nah, that guy was immature, so you didn’t need him anyway.

Support group is an excellent idea. I also feel that I can only be accepted by people who are quirky and slightly different.


I find it is best to reveal after the third date or so. Schizophrenia has a lot of negative stigma, so you need to give them a chance to meet you and see you’re not going to kill them in their sleep.

I would suggest not dating a member of a support group if you like going there. Things could get awkward, and good support groups are hard to find.


Actually he didn’t leave me when he knew I had sz but it was late at night and he just fell asleep… Next morning I got an email from him apologizing and accepting my illness. And actually I’m gonna meet him tonight. Let me tell you how it goes.

Yes, your right, support group is for treatment and not for dating. I’ll stick to that.
Thank you


That is fantastic! I’m glad he messaged you. It is always nice when someone accepts us for who we are. I hope your meeting goes well!


He canceled the meeting. Idk maybe he was dating another woman at the same time. He said he found someone else.

But it’s ok, it’s a relief actually

I want to quit all this dating thing
I wonder why I’m constantly in conflict between wanting to stay alone and wanting someone.

I think most of us are like that. Being in a good relationship is great, but to get there, we need to go through the miserable process of dating. And dating just sucks.

I want to be strong enough to be able to stay alone.

We’re social creatures. We have evolved to feel most at peace when in a relationship, because we know someone is able to protect us.

There is nothing stronger or weaker about being in a relationship. It’s just different kinds of stressors to deal with, and different benefits.

I just want to give up a romantic relationship. even if I give up marriage I can meet ppl outside the house. It doesn’t mean I’ll isolate myself. Romantic relationships are one way to connect ppl.

Besides, I don’t feel attracted to anyone except this guy who rejected me two years ago :frowning:

Met my partner after narrowly escaping jungle dwelling cannibals while on a vacation group.

When we were out of there we fell deeply in love because of what we had been through.

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