If something happens to me

I’m leaving a trail. I believe the upstairs neighbors are going to physically harm me.

I think it’s your sz talking and not what’s really happening. Were you able to record them insulting you?

Not on a shorty recorder cell phone

I think your having auditory hallucinations. I don’t think they’re going to hurt you. I think your sz is out of control and you need your meds adjusted. When do you see your pdoc?

December 14thand heard a female voice just now saying whore

Can you put on headphones and listen to something else?

That appointment is a long time from now. Can you move up the appointment?

No they can’t move me up. I talked to crisis center and they hung up on me

Can you try calling Monday again but without swearing and staying calm during the phone call?

My caseworker does not therefore no. I saw her planner

Well try to use the headphones as much as possible until your next visit with your pdoc