I'm losing my sanity

Everyday worrying about upstairs neighbors. They cuss me out everyday and know everything. The bitch laughed at me a few minutes ago.

There must be something I can do idk I don’t feel good paying attention to every little thing


you need something to do to keep you from they and them ……you may find a ruteen handy and a work planer helpful too. so get on it.


Keep your headphones on and work on your earrings. You can always use the crisis line if you need. Since you hallucinate the crisis workers calling you names, maybe the text line would be easier for you. You just text HOME to 741741.


That sounds like hell. I’m in my own personal hell too. So you’re not alone.

I guess dying will give relief. It’s constant

It is funny how the inferior laugh at the superior.

Maybe invest in ear muffs??

its cheep to be lose your sanity, Carzy came after, it take a strong person to do the right things.

Headphones and earbuds were helpful for me. I would have my MP3 player and earbuds if on the bus or subway, and use my headphones if watching TV, etc.


No one laughed at you or cuss you. it’s sheer paranoia and I have experienced it a lot
I think it’s better to talk to your pdoc
it’s terrible and I know it


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