If i went to australia?

how much this will cost me to go to psychiatrist ??!!!

or good a psychatrist ??!!

an appointment how much will this cost me ??!!

thank you


@rogueone @SacredNeigh7


My last appointment was over $600.

Some of it was bulk billed so I got some money back from Medicare.

I don’t see a psychiatrist currently.just my Gp.

In South Australia it was free (Medicare) n government …anc in Gold Coast but in nsw they have a waiting list of two years so you have to see a private psychiatrist.

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$600 is rediculous. I pay 55€ for a pdoc appointment,


I know I can’t afford to see a psychiatrist here regularly.

But i didn’t go well with my last one anyway so wouldn’t have her again.

You do get some hundred back from Medicare if you are Australian and have Medicare.

Thankfully I’m stable enough to see my go only.

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I’m not bragging but here in Ontario it’s free it should be the same everywhere


Yeah I live in Ontario also and the only time I ever saw a pdoc it was free.


The trouble is that if your not on medicare your paying heaps. Probably $70 per 15 minutes but I’ve no idea of the cost at the moment.

Then there’s this. I’ve a great doctor. He does a private hospital as well as a private practice and he’s no longer taking new clients and hasn’t for years…so not sure your getting better help in the system…

Then there’s the cost of meds. Australia is hard to immigrate to if you’ve a mental illness but most places are.

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