If I went in a board & care today

When I was in the board & care home 5 years ago it was different. I had just spent 20 years living independently in regular society. When I got in the board & care it was a piece of cake, I was used to being treated normally and as independent.

I had been isolating on my own and the combination of being independent and being around people again was good for me. It’s hard to fathom now but I felt accepted and liked and had some really good times there. It sucked and I complained and I wasn’t always happy but I made some connections and even had fun sometimes.

BUT now it’s different. I’m not in danger of relapsing or going to a board & care home but if I did I know I would not like it there. The people would be above me and I wouldn’t have any friends. I regressed so much these past couple years I have nothing to offer. I would still work but I’d probably be dependent and nobody would like me. I got away with a lot at the other one. There would be no more midnight strolls on the grounds at 2:00 am. No talking to everybody.

IDK, that’s kind of how it was at the board & care from 1990-95. It wasn’t horrible but I wasn’t one of the guys. Part of the problem was I had just gotten clean which made me odd man out. I don’t know, I miss being around so many people but I don’t like sharing a room even though I got lucky and had a roommate I got along with and we had a lot of laughs.

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I don’t want to be a broken record but you can still add people to your circle. I know it’s hard at older age to get into things and your always that new guy but there’s some fun things you can do as a hobby that will bring you in touch with others…

I think your a standup guy and you need that interaction. You have a good sense of humor. You get other people and you’ve proved in this community you fit in and are a leader in our community. It may be hard to start but it’s never too late…and it’s not bad to challenge yourself!


No, I need to hear that! Now that my class is over maybe I’ll try the local walking group.

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Yes. Do something to get yourself talking to others my friend. You’ve so much more to offer in life and now your family is moving away you need to be connected! Just do it!

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