I'm so tired right now that I'm missing the board & care home

I’m waxing nostalgic I guess. I mean it was no picnic most of the time but I truly liked it and the people there

I really discovered a lot about myself there and had some great moments. It wasn’t all gloom and doom there, I had fun tjere often. People were kind of lukewarm abput me. When I first moved in but after awhile people started to like me. Even the crazy guy who was the top guy in the pecking order came around and he saw I wasn’t a bad guy amd I wasn’t part of the main crowd we reavhed some kind of understamding and he was freindly
I miss the fooling around and I even miss the scary stuff.

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I’m glad you enjoyed your time there. I’m sorry for you now that it’s over. Are you alone?


Presently. I’ll probably be getting a roommate some time in December.

That’s great you’re getting a roomie!

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