If i had enough money i would give it away

tbh if i had enough money and i was happy i would give it away, not all of it but just what i dont need, i feel like i am a generous person lol, i have been on the poverty line most of my life but recently things have turned around and now hopefully if things take off i might be able to earn some money and i think anything that i dont need i might just give away haha, it sounds great (just wish i could put it into practice)

i’m not a greedy person, i like sharing things, i share my house with people haha, i guess i just like doing things for others


Save your money for a rainy day. If you do give it away give it to someone who truly needs it.

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i got a call from today and i said i would love to give them some money to help their cause but i havent got much just now so i said when i had some money i would give to them bc they are trying to save the planet,

like they all say ‘trust in god’ but what about us? what about the damage we have done? do we not need to take responsibility for that, do we not need to stand trial? i know i have done damage and i think most people have, i try to keep it to a minimum (my carbon footprint) but it is hard.

Yeah, like a lot of people in recent years are saying that if they ever won the lottery they would give at least some of it to those who really need it. I would, myself!

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I’d keep enough to be comfortable, but I would not commit any excess. I saw on the internet that some rich person had spent $77 million on diamonds for his grandchild. That’s incredible. Think how many people he could feed in Africa with that.

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Sometimes people don’t respect money that’s just given to them cuz they never worked for it.